Пятница, 17 апреля 2015

23 апреля в ИМЭС лекция профессора Michael Glatt

23 апреля в ИМЭС лекция профессора Michael Glatt


Prof. Michael Glatt, Vice-Rector of International Affairs, Jurisprudence, was born in Chicago, Illinois USA. He graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law. His American Politics, Business Law, International Law and Real Estate classes are both theoretical and practical, full of stories from real life and his own experience. Not only are his classes interesting, but his debate style of discussion is challenging – and we learn how to do it when we join him in his Debate Club. His strict attendance and punctuality policies train us since in the future we’ll use the same policies in our careers. In this way, Prof. Glatt doesn’t simply provide theoretical knowledge but gets us ready for the real business and corporate life that awaits us after we graduate.

Не упусти уникальную возможность!
Приглашены все студенты ИМЭС!
Только 23 апреля в 9:00.

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